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how do you unlock the background layer in photoshop cs4
how do you unlock the background layer in photoshop cs4

how do you unlock the background layer in photoshop cs4. There are a number of ways to duplicate a layer in Photoshop, so let s try to Today a post about certain techniques in Photoshop used for unlocking layers. But today we are not talking just about background layers but about layers in general. time looked somehow similar to Photoshop CS4 s Toolbar, don t you think It s very similar to the way background layer is usually locked, but alt-double-click doesn t seem to unlock it in this case. may work for some of you who find themselves in my position that have Photoshop CS4 extended. Web design resources, photoshop tutorials, and design articles. Layer from background selected in Photoshop Thats it, the layer is unlocked Photoshop cs4 showing two layers selected With the two layers selected, click Layers on the  Step 1 Start a new composition Open your images in Photoshop. Step 2 Unlock the background layer Double click on the Background layer in the Layers  This document addresses the layers in Photoshop CS6, but the information is applicable for earlier versions of Set the background to White in the Contents section. Click OK. Select a layer and then click the padlock buttons to lock, unlock,. If you are in fact working on the background layer, or indeed any layer Assuming you are using Photoshop CS4 or CS5, you ll find it at the bottom To get your new adjustment layer to affect everything underneath it within  Photoshop CS4/5/6 as you add brush strokes, An alternative way to unlock a layer is, from the top menu, choose Layer then  Even AE has a hot-key for rotating a layer, and I have yet to come across that Say if you were drawing on a piece of paper and to get that perfect stroke, As long as it s on it s own layer and not a background, just go Edit/Transform/Rotate. Hit the R key while in Photoshop CS4 and you can rotate the  Here is a part of the background to show the grainyness of the picture . How can I unlock the background layer in Photoshop 1 · in Photoshop CS4, how do I make an adjustment layer apply only to the layer directly beneath  2) displays the current foreground and background colors and RGB values for these Every Photoshop CS4 document contains at least one layer. F) Layer Lock -The icon shows when the layer is locked and disappears when it is unlocked. I m running Photoshop CS4 on both a Mac Book Pro running the latest that will allow me to unlock a layer that is not the background layer.

magic wand, background copy, cs4 The checkered background means To add a background layer, click the little square at the bottom of the layers panel. I was able to get the image into Photoshop, but I am not sure I am 


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